The Biology department presented a session Wednesday about how to use various resources in HFC Online (Moodle) to support students. Professor Michelle Wilson showed all the features she uses to cut down on paper usage and to make it easier for students to find documents and find answers to common questions. This has the happy side effect of cutting down on her work load so she can focus on creating and researching even more resources to support the students.

Her portion of the the session was recorded (Thanks to Zac Polzin!). You can view it at: with password  HFC-CTEI.

Professor Charlie Jacobs then told how he gives students a quiz to complete after each class and before the next class to help reinforce key concepts in line with brain research that supports this kind of review to maintain concept retention. Although there has been some variance in teachers and cohorts and hence no control, the early results seem promising.

The professional development was excellent and the homemade baked goods were (in one case literally) the icing on the session. Thanks to Professors Jolie Stepaniak and Carla Serfas for organizing the session. The next Bioluminescence sessionon active learning is  is October 3 at 12:40 in G-007. You should attend if you can.


“firefly 7618”by art farmer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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