The CTEI is hosting discussion groups for Dr. Paul Hernandez’s Pedagogy of Real Talk. Based on responses to an email invitation it appears that we will have at least a Friday book group.

On January 31 from 3:10 to 4:30 teachers will meet to discuss the first two chapters of the book. (Jeff will email possible discussion questions to participants who have emailed him about a week before). The group will also set 2-4 additional meeting times to discuss the book. It is expected that these will be at or around the same time on Fridays as this is the time the original group could attend.

If you are interested please purchase the book and read the first two Chapters before January 31. Then join us. If you email Jeff beforehand then we can better plan snacks and get you the questions ahead of time. The CTEI has a limited number of books for part-time and temporary full-time teachers to borrow. Tenured and tenure-track teachers can use the Professional Improvement Fund to be reimbursed for the cost of the book in August.


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