As part of a session on Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) one existing community updated their progress. Read about it below. If you are interested in creating your own FLC contact Pam Stewart or Jeff Morford for more information.
What impact does technology have on student emotion, motivation and academic success?
Formed last winter, the Technology Faculty Learning Community (FLC) collects student data and research to investigate those questions. The group (comprised of six full-time ELI/ESL faculty) meets three to four times each semester for lunch to share information and encourage use of educational technology with ELI and ESL students. Group members will also participate in UM Dearborn’s Digital Education Day on Friday, March 20 sharing information about the blended learning space all ELI and ESL students experience with HFC Online, collaborative digital literacy student project, online student newspaper and Padlet as a collaborative student resource.
Preliminary data analysis and ELI /ESL enrollment trends suggest that blended learning (learning that makes use of technology both inside and outside of the classroom) increases student motivation, builds positive emotion and boosts student success.

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