“The bomb” is good for those of you generationally challenged.

We had a demonstration of this product this morning in the math department. (Thanks, Sam.) I then went and made a couple videos.

To just record the video is free. To get access to the editing tools costs money but it is as low as $1 per month.

To record a video you touch the button for making a video, select a screen region, and press record. When you are done you press pause and then done.

When you edit you can add overlays, cut sections, speed up sections, and more. I jazzed up a video below to give you a sense of what you can do. Their captions are really close to accurate. I could very quickly edit those to match what I said.

You can store files with them or store them locally. I went with the local storage. I could later upload this to my favorite streaming service in case it were a particularly long video.


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