Happy Monday, Hawk Nation,

Coming off a St. Patrick’s Day weekend, here’s hopin’ that no one is residually feeling…um…shall we just say, too “green.” 😜💚 Speaking of St. Patty’s Day, let’s all congratulate our students and faculty in 5101 for a beautiful Irish-themed buffet, over which Rosemary and I enjoyed a CTEI planning luncheon last Wednesday.  Finally, on one last important note, before we get down to CTEI business here in this week’s Digest, we would be remiss if we failed to give a shout-out to HFC’s own men’s basketball team, who, on the heels of a fantastic season, enter the NJCAA National Championship Tournament tomorrow in Danville, IL, as the nation’s #3-seeded team.  GO HAWKS! 

As for upcoming CTEI programming, this week’s Monday Morning Mentor examines the topic of grading – how to do it more quickly and efficiently while having a more significant impact on student learning.  This week’s clip is available today through midnight this Sunday, March 26, and as always, log in details are provided below.

Next, we are delighted to be joined by Tazeen Ayub for our next Teamwork Tuesday, which will occur tomorrow at 2 p.m.  Tazeen is a recent recipient of a fellowship with the Detroit Equity Action Lab (DEAL). During this week’s session, she will discuss the great work that she has been doing with this group and share what she has learned.  As usual, you can join in on the conversation in-person in the CTEI Hyflex Room (N-01) or via the Zoom link below.

We are also excited to remind you once again that The Fourth Annual Black Male Retention, Success, and Best Practice Conference will be held at HFC on Friday, April 7, 2023 (8:00-5:00).  We hope that you can find the time to attend – and possibly even present at – this event.  While the call for papers officially expired on March 11, if you wish to offer a talk, there is still a chance that this due date could be extended for another few days – but I would recommend acting fast if you still hope to speak at this conference.  Please refer to the additional information supplied below for proposals and event registration.   

Meanwhile, Academic Impressions offers a free webcast on March 29 titled Future Trends in Higher Education — Defining the Impact of the Metaverse in Higher Education.  More specifics and a registration link are supplied below. 

Similarly, though it may seem a long way off, June will be here before we know it, and we have been informed by recent LAND conference attendees that “The Grading Conference” is definitely a worthwhile event.  It is virtual with a registration fee of only $50, and this year it takes place on June 9 and 10.  Below, you will find further details. 

Finally, please remember that the Michigan College, University, Partnership (MiCUP) at Lawrence Technological University will also run immersive in-person sessions for instructors, examining how students learn through authentic scientific experiments in the classroom.  Though the first of these has already passed, two more are still upcoming, with the next taking place this Friday, March 24. Both remaining sessions will be held on HFC’s campus in room J-110.  Scott Corp, project coordinator, has provided a flyer for these events, posted on the CTEI Moodle hub and accessible here through this link.    

As usual, please e-mail either of us if you have any questions or recommendations.   

Upcoming Events 

Event  Description  Time/Date Link 
Monday Morning Mentor How Can I Grade in Less Time with Greater Impact? 3/20-3/26 Virtual On- Demand Video View Here Password: impact781 
Sponsored Event: Teamwork Tuesday* Tazeen Ayub Discusses the Detroit Equity Action Lab (DEAL) 3/21 @ 2 p.m. Live in N-01 and Virtual Via Zoom Zoom Login 
Partner Event: Academic Impressions** Future Trends in Higher Education — Defining the Impact of the Metaverse in Higher Education 3/29  Virtual Event Learn More 
Partner Event: The Fourth Annual Black Male Retention, Success, and Best Practice Conference** Conference Focused on Promoting Improved Retention and Success Rates Among This Statistically At-Risk Population 4/7 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. In-Person Event Conference Webpage (Includes Both Registration and Call for Papers Links) 
Partner Event: MCSS/ATD Roundtable Discussion Series** Equity in Gateway Courses and Guided Self-Placement Varying Days and Times – See Below for More Detail 
Visit the MCSS Events Page for More Information and Registration Links  
Partner Event: The Grading Conference** Two-Day Event Focused on Best Practices in Higher Ed Grading 6/9-10 Virtual Event Conference Website 
Partner Event: Inaugural HyFlex Collaborative Conference** Collaborative One-Day Event Bringing Together Higher Ed and K12 Educators 6/26 Virtual and In-Person Attendance Options Conference Website 
Partner Activity: ACUE’s Online Micro-credentialing** Open-Enrollment Opportunities to Complete Online Pedagogical Training at Your Convenience Ongoing Find Information Here 
Partner Activity: NISOD Online Professional Development Events**  Wide-Ranging Events on a Variety of Topics Ongoing Find Information Here 
Article Discussion Group* Participate in a Faculty-Led Discussion Group with Colleagues Various and Ongoing E-Mail Scott to Join a Group in Progress 

*Denotes a sponsored CTEI event that qualifies for AFO reimbursement. 

**Denotes a partner activity that may qualify for AFO reimbursement. Please see your area representative for further information.   


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