Teaching Naked Techniques

“Engagement precedes learning.”  (Bowen & Watson 2017)

What does an engaged student look like?   How does course design and instructor planning impact student engagement long before the first class meeting?  Why should instructors care about building a culture of inquiry and comfort where students feel compelled to not only show up for class, but show up having read and thought so they are prepared to actively engage?

If you find these questions interesting (or perhaps disconcerting), mark your calendar for the CTEI Mini-conference scheduled on Friday, 21 September.  Author Jose Antonio Bowen will join HFC and UM-Dearborn faculty to discuss practical strategies instructors can follow to engage and retain learners.   Click this link to look inside:  Teaching Naked Techniques A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes  Each chapter focuses on one active teaching technique, provides step-by-step guidance and explicit examples of how professors across a wide range of fields and campuses (University of Georgia and the U.S. Naval Academy, to name a few) are putting these techniques into practice.  For those who wish to dive deeper, a list of additional resources and and an impressive list of references close each of the 13 chapters.

Full-time faculty can be reimbursed for purchasing this book from the Professional Improvement Fund (PIF). If you read this before August 1 and have not reached your PIF maximum for this year, consider buying this book for your personal library.