Monday Morning Mentor


With Monday Morning Mentor, HFC faculty and staff will access a 20-Minute Mentor program once a week for 16 weeks in the spring. Week in and week out, these programs, presented by respected academic peers, cover timely and relevant topics in only 20 minutes—long enough to provide actionable insights but short enough to fit anyone’s schedule.

Teamwork Tuesdays

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

Themes about retention, classroom management, technology, and resources will be shared and discussed in our Teamwork Tuesday Sessions with Early Alerts, Counselling, Library, and eLearning. Come and join us during Teamwork Tuesdays to see how we can help answer your questions. If we can’t answer your questions or give suggestions, we will help investigate. After all, we will make a great team together. 

 January 31, 2023, @ 3pmChelsea LondsdaleWriting Center
February 28, 2023, @ 3pmRuth HallerCASL
March, 21 2023 @ 3pmTazeen AyoubDEAL
April 11, 2023 @ 3pmSam BazziConcourse Syllabus


We Cannot “Return to Normal”

Dr. Amy Collier

Friday, Feb 10th 10am-12pm, virtual

Keynote and Workshop

Registration link, feel free to join as you are able

Dr. Amy Collier, Associate Provost for Digital Learning at Middlebury College, will raise questions that we should all be considering: “what can we take away from pandemic-shaped teaching and learning that can improve our students’ experiences and their learning? In what ways is ‘normal’ no longer acceptable, and how can we advocate for changes that transform teaching and learning at our institutions?” Register to learn Dr. Collier’s ideas to move us toward more inclusive and student-centered approaches to teaching and learning.

For more details and for registration links to sessions on Day 2, Feb 15th, and Day 3, Feb 21st, please see the DE Day website.

NEW THIS FALL! CTEI Faculty-Led Article Discussion Groups

In the interest of living up to the “innovation” aspect of our name, HFC’s CTEI plans to try a new spin on the old book discussion group format previously sponsored by the hub. Instead of unilaterally providing all faculty with the same text, we would like to pilot a new variation on this old theme – one that allows for more active engagement and agency on your part.

The plan is to form groups of four who would be interested in meeting monthly with their colleagues to discuss one brief article chosen and shared each month by a different group member.  Preferably, these pieces will be available for digital distribution, which is clearly more eco-friendly and will save the time, money, and hassle of each instructor having to secure a hard copy of one specific text.

In piloting this new concept, as interest dictates, we are open to organizing groups that will be discipline-specific and/or more cross-disciplinary, allowing faculty to gravitate toward their own areas of interest.  Meanwhile, the texts may be culled – as is appropriate to the situation – from various sources, ranging from academic and educational journals to broader pieces on higher education to potentially even blog posts by other academics about the field.

If you are considering participating this fall, please complete this form and reach out to one of the CTEI Co-Directors via e-mail, Rosemary Miketa ( or Scott Still (, expressing your interest and indicating whether you would be more inclined to join a discipline-specific or general-interest group.


38th Annual LAND Conference
February 22-24, 2023
Theme: Awkward Pauses

Register for the 2023 LAND Conference – The conference is free to all attendees, but registration is required.

What do you mean Awkward Pauses? We purposely keep the conference theme broad to invite a range of interpretations across Liberal Arts disciplines. We were motivated to select each year’s theme by simply looking at what’s going on in the world around us, and our own experiences with our students as they pursue their dreams against so many odds and awkward pauses of all kinds. All of this, especially when considered in the context of current cultural forces and the social-political climate, can fit within the theme. Find out what it meant to our presenters in their work with the Liberal Arts!

2023 LAND Conference Program

The LAND Conference opens on Wednesday evening with a Social Hour and Student Film Presentation, then goes on Thursday and Friday to include Lightning Talks, the LAND Institutional Excellence Award, Creative Expressions Night*, a Creative Writing Workshop, a variety of panel discussions on current issues in higher education and the liberal arts, Student Scholars Lightning Talks, Student Scholars Poster Sessions, Student Awards Presentations, and the ever-amazing Student Art Exhibit! Expect to be enlightened, entertained, and engaged with every LAND conference!

*Creative Expressions

Hosted by Clark Iverson (The Man with the Top Hat), Creative Expressions is held on the Thursday evening of the conference. This is an open mic for conference participants to share their own creative writing. Student winners of the creative writing categories who attend the conference are especially welcome to share their writing at this event.

“Nobody goes to LAND once. You will be back.”
Becky Roberts, LAND President


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