At the CTEI we, of course, support the 3R’s reading, writing, and arithmetic. After all the current CTEI co-directors come from the communication and math departments. We also believe in a chance to help everyone learn more about the College. So we have 4 R’s. ‘Rite it, read it, reserve it, refer it.

We will ask each participant in this session to bring a question about HFC, or send a question about HFC in advance. Then we will see if other participants already have the answer.

“Where can I send a student who needs help with ______?”

“How do new policies about _______ get approved?”

“Where can I get lunch and get back in under an hour?”

If we cannot collectively answer the questions, we will try to get them to the right person.

Please join us on October 17 at 3 PM in the Michael Berry Auditorium. You can register and submit a question in advance at:


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