Thanks to Linda Brandt for the step-by-step instructions.

How to add a new exam into your course section in Moodle

Before we start:

Note that the word Quiz is used in Moodle, not the word Exam.

Also note that when you open your course section, you see a list of “Sections” I have changed that word Section to the word Unit in all of my courses to not mix up for example BIO 150 section 02 with a particular Section/Unit of the course.

You can write Multiple Choice, True / False, short answer, essay etc.

Create the Quiz:

Open the a section of your course that will have the quiz/exam i.e. BIO 150 – 01

Turn Edit on

Click Course Management

Click Question Category

Add Category will appear

Name the Category with a name that will make sense to you

Ignore Parent Category and ID Number

Click Add Category

That’s it for that part – there is no Save to click

Next write questions:

Go back to the course section and select Course Management again

Select Question Bank

Select the Category that you made in the process above

Click Create a New Question

Choose the type of question

Click Add

Name the question (can be one word or more or a number)

Write the question and the answer(s)

Click Create a New Question until you have all you want

Click one of the Save options

Now move the quiz into a section of your course:

Return to the section of your course. i.e BIO 150 – 01

You will need to click on the Section/Unit where you want the quiz to appear so that the words “Add an activity or resource” appear.

Click Edit and then Edit Section

Give the Section / Unit a name, like Exams (To name the Section/Unit you must click the box next to the word “Custom”)

Click Save Changes

Click Add Activity or Resource

Select the radio button next to Quiz

Click Add

Give the Quiz a name, like Exam #2

Click Save and Return to Course

Click on the Quiz – in our example Exam #2

Select the gear shift thing on the right – kind of looks like *

Select Edit Quiz

On the middle right, click Add

On the right, click From Question Bank (You can select New Question if you want to add one that you haven’t already created)

Pick the Question Category that you formed earlier – in our example Exam #2

Select the questions you want to include

Click Add Selected Questions These will be the ones you want to include in your quiz / exam

Assign the values for each question at the right

Assign the Max Grade. That will be how many points total the student can earn.

Click Shuffle if you want the questions and/or the choices in Multiple Choice shuffled.

Click Save

Make the Exam Available to Students:

Return to the Section / Unit of the course where you put the quiz

Click Edit (It’s to the right of the quiz name) and then Edit Settings

Go to Timing and set the open, close, etc. time.

Choose whatever other specifications you’d like in addition to Timing.

Click Save and return or Save and display

You can now try out the quiz


Good luck!


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